Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BlogHer Pity Party

All things bloggy are eye-opening to me.  I knew absolutely nothing about blogs, blogging, social media (except Facebook, of course), or online networking before I started my blog in June.  I was quickly overwhelmed and pleasantly surprised!

It didn't take long until I began to read about blogging conferences and workshops.  There are so many and they range from small group monthly get-togethers with local bloggers to nationwide conferences with tons of media attention.  From what I have gathered it seems as though the BlogHer Conference is the biggest of them all.

BlogHer 2010 is going on right now, August 6-August 7 in New York City.  It sounds like an amazing experience with networking, friend making&meeting, and learning galore!

So, today I have decided to join the not going to BlogHer Pity Party put on by Tina at Life Without Pink and Lori at Mommyfriend .

Reasons why I would love to be at BlogHer 2010:
1.  It's in New York City....plain and simple.
2.  Attending sessions about blogging to learn, learn & learn would be awesome.
3.  The opportunity to meet face to face some of the women behind the blogs I already love.

Reasons why I'm OK not going to BlogHer 2010:
1.  I am certain I would be totally overwhelmed with information - too much too soon!
2.  I would have to find a Sugar Daddy to fund the trip.
3.  And truth be told, I would probably feel left out since I'm a new blog and am not known by many.

So, to all those who are attending BlogHer 2010, have a marvelous time!
And to those of us staying home, CHEERS!  I'll be drinking later tonight after my kids are in bed. :)


  1. I can totally relate to you reason for wanting to go and your reasons for not going! Thanks for linking up to the blog hop at A New Breed of Mom!

  2. Love your list! Thanks for joining our BlogHer Pity Party! I need a Sugar Daddy too...

  3. Yay - another pity party! I am right there with you and may even join you for a drink later. ;)