Friday, August 6, 2010

I Still Use a Bookmark

Technology has certainly given book lovers a new meaning to the word 'convenient'.  No longer must they endure the dreaded task* of going to the library or the book store to find the latest read.  Now they can simply download it onto a fancy high tech reader with one quick click.  *read with sarcasm

I would not call myself an avid reader.  Although I am a teacher, so I do read A LOT of 4th grade type material during the school year.  As for personal reading, the majority of that is done during the summer.
But I have a worry.  I have seen a fancy high tech reader and it was cool.  Simply stated.  I "ooohhed" and "aaahhed" while I held it and clicked the arrows back and forth.  Because, well, it's technology and that continues to amaze me!

I imagine this type of technology would be most useful to someone who travels a lot.  This device would allow such traveler to have access to endless reads while on plane, train or automobile and while passing time in hotel rooms.  It would make an extremely smart travel companion.
But for the rest of us, what is it's purpose?

It's gadgety, yes.

And convenient, seeing that those trips to the library or bookstore could be permanently checked off of the "to-do" list.

However, I can't help but think that some technology comes at a price we may not realize we are paying.

Such as: 
The way your fingers bump from one book spine to another while you peruse the titles.

The creak of the cover as you open it up to read the inside flap.

The colors and details of the illustrations.

The sound of your fingers drumming the back cover.

Your favorite handmade "I Love Mom" bookmark.

Your bookmark traveling deeper and deeper into the pages.

The inviting look the book has as it waits on your nightstand.

The simple pleasures of a book.  Not the story written on the pages but the actual, physical book.

I worry (it's the mom in me) that as we gain more and more technology conveniences we will continue to lose some of life's simplest pleasures. 

I really don't want to hear my great-grandchildren (yep I'm living that long) say, "Sweet, sweet Grandma, tell us a story about that library place you used to visit."


  1. Amazing how quickly things change. I love books too. And how low tech they are. Keep our fingers crossed they stick around. Maybe thirty years from now It will be a trend to have real books instead....

  2. As much as I've become addicted to blogs, there's nothing like a stack of books by my bed, on my desk or on the floor next to the couch. Did that describe my level of book-love?

    Like you, I love the feel of books in my hand, especially old, leather-bound books with beautiful paper. Can't get that experience from my laptop screen or a Kindle!

  3. I'm with you, I'll stick to regular, old fashioned books. Although, the fact that I can download a book to my iPod Touch intrigues me...

  4. I agree 100%!! I love actual books over digital media any day! I did download a book on my iPod but have yet to actually read more than a couple pages.

  5. I love books too. I just can't imagine snuggling down on the couch with a Kindle. I loved your comment about watching the bookmark traveling deeper into the pages.

  6. I love my ereader! I was on a book-buying moratorium because I was out of room. Then I got the reader and could start buying books again. My reading to-do list is now as long as my arm!

    But I still get books from the library and I still love them.

    So the ereader isn't a replacement for books, it's an added joy!

    xo Susie

  7. I agree as well, I love the feel of books and seeing them on the bookshelf inspires me to read, it it was all in cased in some flashy technology then I wouldn't get that feeling!

    Great post, another one that melds well with my last one, I'm talking about taking technology on holiday, I guess this would be one of the pro's for taking your phone with you :)

  8. I totally relate to what you are least I did until my husband got me a nook for Mother's Day.

    I. Love. IT.

    Now, I have to put this in context. I just finished a move and probably moved 5-6 hundred books. That's a lot of boxes. And those were the boxes that always broke.

    I have 32 books on my nightstand. It's easy to just drop it in my purse or backpack and go.

    I LOVE the feel of paper, the smell of a book, the turning of the pages. But I love my Nook too! :)

  9. I think anyone wanting to buy a Kindle should read this first!

  10. I am a book lover from WAAAAY back and I collect bookmarks -- have since I was about 9 years old. I remember them all. Sometimes, I will grab a book from long ago, and will find a bookmark left from another time and I will remember where I was at at that time, and how that book affected me, how I felt reading it, and how I was forever changed for reading it.

    thank you fro this wondersul post.

  11. I totally agree! I love the library and bookstores. My mom and I even make an afternoon of going looking for books and then sitting down for coffee (our library has a coffee shop like the big bookstore chains) and enjoying our latest finds. I read so much that I can't save every book. I pass them along to friends or donate them. The ones I keep are like treasures, old friends that I re-visit again and again.

    I am sure that one day we will no longer have paperback books. I'll be happy for the environment - think how many trees will be saved! But I will miss cracking open a book and the fresh scent of its pages.

  12. I'm definitely with you on this one! I adored your descriptions of all of the things you love about a paper bound book, but one thing you missed, that I truly love, is the SMELL of a book. Of the fresh, clean pages, ready to immerse you into an entirely different life. So true...

  13. Oh how I love this post!
    As a book to read them, to feel them on my hand, to get lost in the story, I find it hard to read e-books and the likes. I'd rather curl up somewhere comfortably and read away instead of sitting on the computer LOL.
    Sure hope that the next generations won't forget what a real book is all about.

  14. I don't have one of these hi tech readers yet. Well I did download a couple of books to my iPod. But I've only listened (which sucks). So, I didn't even do that long.

    I love the old fashioned way too....the smell and coolness of the pages. the sense of accomplishment felt when you see that bookmark separating the pages you've read from the pages you've left to read.

    just basic stuff

  15. I can't imagine losing the feel of being in the stacks of a library - I love books and everything about them.

  16. I do like reading, but I see the benefit of eReaders, too. My wrists hurt with heavier books and holding the pages back, so it helps to have it in a different format. We live in different times, that's for sure.