Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad, Bad Snack Vendor

While on that wretched roller coaster I do believe, along for the ride, was a snack vendor. He was strapped in tightly, right next to me, and he offered endless amounts of comfort food. I don't like to think I'm an emotional eater but the scale is telling me otherwise.

Every twist and turn was endured with a snack in hand. I vaguely remember thinking....."Uh oh creepy, shaky, free fall coming up, hand me a bag of Skittles!" "Dark tunnel of the unknown on the horizon, quick, fix me up a plate of chips and cheese!" And of course, "This glass of wine will certainly smooth out some of these jerks and jolts!"

So unfortunately, I exited that coaster a "few pounds" heavier than when I first got strapped in. So now, as part of my "release that which I cannot control" mission I am hoping some of these unwanted pounds will be released as well. Because clearly that is something I can control.

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