Saturday, June 19, 2010

Clap Out

I almost titled this post "The Clap Out" but thought some might get the wrong idea seeing the words 'the' and 'clap' together. :) Yesterday my daughter officially finished elementary school. She'll be in 6th grade in September. A tradition at her school is to have the 5th graders walk through the entire building while all of the other kids, teachers and administration stand outside their rooms and clap, thus called Clap Out.

The Clap Out continues outside as the 5th graders walk through lines of parents clapping and cheering. The students look excited and proud, the parents also look proud, some are sad and others are relieved. Good thing I had my sunglasses on because the tears welling up in my eyes caught me off guard and would have "totally embarrassed" my daughter.

She passed 5th grade with flying colors including some courses that were not labeled on her report card. Such as:
sassiness - A
eye-rolling - B+
stomping - B
sighing - A
crying for no reason - B
Telling me I always say 'NO' - B
Threatening her brother's life - A+

Yes, she is officially a middle schooler. This all being said, when she rounded the end of the Clap Out she came over and allowed me to give her a giant hug and kiss. I also enjoyed several minutes of chit chat with her teacher and she smiled sweetly, waiting patiently. While out to lunch she told me I was a good mom because I flagged the waitress down to get her a refill of her drink. that all it takes??

So my little girl is really growing up. She's got the dramatic undertone of a 6th grader and barrels of sweetness in reserves to use at her discretion. So things are progressing as they should.

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