Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Little About Me

First and foremost, I am a mom. I have two children, ages 7 & 11. In my professional world, I am a teacher. I am also divorced and my life as a single mother has involved much drama! I do believe that most of the time I am not the creator of this drama. Instead, I am the recipient and the 'cleaner-upper'.

I am often told I could write a book. The thought has crossed my mind because sometimes things are really juicy and I think to myself "Ohhh this would be a good read!" I'm trying out this blog business to see if it helps me to relieve some stress and maybe connect with others who are familiar with my type of life! :)

I am not and never will promote divorce but I do have a lot of first hand information that might be of use to someone who is contemplating a divorce, in the middle of a divorce or experiencing life as a single parent.

I am not an experienced blogger so I don't know the "rules". Do people reveal their identities on blogs??? For now, I will not use my name or the names of my kids, that just makes sense I think.


  1. Hello, I don't reveal my "true name" on my blog because you have to remember this is WWW and you don't want strangers knowing everything about you. In time, you will find people that you talk with more and more, so then you can exchange emails, etc and become more familiar with them. And as you are probably wondering who I am - your Mom mentioned your blog on findagrave.

  2. Hi Susan - Thanks for the input. This WWW world can be creepy if you're not careful! And my mom LOVES findagrave. :)