Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dog Knows Best

Anyone who has a dog has said at one time or another, "What a life you have (insert dog's name here)." Why is it that dogs have figured out the ideal lifestyle while most of the rest of us struggle to find balance? If my pooch could talk I'm certain she would have these words of advice:

1. Stare out the window as often as possible, there is so much to see if you take the time to look.
2. When not staring out the window, it is a good idea to take a nap.
3. Hover near people who have food.
4. A few extra pounds can actually make you look cuter.
5. Get really excited about any type of physical activity.
6. Be heard when you are suspicious of something or someone.
7. Back away from all unknown men. If they stick around and continue to talk to sweet to you then maybe they're not so bad.
8. Always greet your family at the door with an overwhelming welcome.
9. Stay close to those you love and trust during inclement weather (real and figuratively).
10. Always snuggle up close when a loved one asks you too and even when they don't.

This post is written on behalf of my loving and loyal dog, Maggie, and in memory of my big, beautiful, forever loving dog, Mandy. I miss you Della!

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