Thursday, June 17, 2010

I used to love roller coasters.....

As a kid, I was a frequent visitor to Cedar Point. I would ride just about anything except for that awful Witch's Wheel - BARF! What I loved most were the magnificent roller coasters filled with smiling, screaming children and adults...fabulous, fun, save me a place in line!

Unfortunately, I have been on a roller coaster of another kind. The dreadful, downer emotional roller coaster. This roller coaster does not allow quite the same thrill as those from my past.

This past year I had a non-stop ticket on one of those emotional roller coasters and my stomach has been twisted and turned more times than I can count. This ride had way too many dark tunnels, upside-down loops, scary plunges, and even the clank, clank, clank you hear as the train slowly climbs the track and you're not so sure this is what you bargained for.

Well, the time has come for me to gracefully step off this ride. My hair is a tangled mess, I have a strange look on my face, my stomach, I fear, will never be the same and my body feels a bit unbalanced. I'm sure this ride has more to offer but I'm good, I'm done, I'm gettin' off.

Now comes the easy part, or the not as hard as it 's been part, I hope. I am ready to release what I cannot control, lose the stress and stay true to myself and my kids. Good things are waiting for us! I just know it.

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