Monday, July 5, 2010

Any Men Like My Brothers?

If I could find a man with half of the qualities as either one of my brothers I would be thankful.  My brothers, both older, and who were often E-VIL to grow up with are now top notch, cream of the crop guys.  They are both dads and fatherhood just seems to have come to them naturally. Both are hard workers, professionally and personally.  They have great friends and family. :)  They are just good guys, plain and simple.

Having such great brothers means that the bar is set pretty high for any potential future man in my life.  Which is good.  It's a great reinforcer of standards.  Just in case there is ever a moment of weakness and I think "Oh well, maybe it's OK that he's a little bit of a loser" look at my brothers and I would be quickly reminded of the qualities that make a good man.

Is it bad to be on a date and repeatedly refer to one's brothers?  I can't seem to help it though.  I heart them, and find them to be such good role models for the kind of man that is worth any ounce of time.  So, these brothers of mine just thrust themselves into my conversations.  Would a potential suitor find this annoying?  Maybe?  But I don't care, it's part of the weeding out process.  I guess it's one way of letting "other" men know, that there are already some really great men in my life, and if they don't intend on being just as fabulous, they ought to bow out immediately.

I'm not convinced, however, that there are many decent, dateable men available.  When people ask me about dating they often say "must be hard to date",  "all the good ones are taken",  "most guys must come with lots of baggage", and so on and so on with the encouraging comments.  So it can be a bit depressing if I really think about it. 

So the good news is, dating is not a big priority for me at the moment.  I am happy and busy with other things in my life.  I feel like I'm on a road leading to new opportunities and it is an exciting feeling!  I'm not sure I'm wanting to share much time with a man right now.   However, while it's not a necessity, should a good, brother approving man appear, it would be a bonus!


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