Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Life in a List

My kids and I are taking a vacation with my family in a few days.  The other night Lovey and I were making a list of all the things we wanted to take, our packing list.  We also were making a list of all the food we needed to buy, our grocery list.  And there's a list of all the things we need to do before we leave, the to-do list. 

I realize I am a list person, they keep me organized and on track.  I keep lists at home and lists at work.

I wonder are there people who don't use lists?  If so, how do they function?

This all got me to thinking about the different types of lists I have kept through the years.  So I did a little brainstorming and realized that the story of my life could be told through the lists I have made.  Below is a list of ten lists I have made during my almost 38 years.  There are many more than ten, but I'll contain it to the most significant ones.  If you piece them all together you'll have a snapshot of me!  Here we go:

My Life In List Form:

1.  Friend list - This list was created and tweaked countless times proving, beyond a doubt, that I am a female.

2.  Boys I've Kissed - I remember making this list in college.  This list was also tweaked and added to a few times, proving to most that I was not a long relationship kind of girl in college.  And I know that looks bad on paper!  But really it's not (really Mom & Dad, really!).  I just found boys needy and clingy.  Still kinda do.

3.  Wedding List - Yes, I was married and had a wonderful wedding.  And at this moment is the very first time I've thought about all the money my parents spent on that wedding and am feeling guilty because...well you'll see when we get to list # 7.

4.  Baby Name Lists - These two lists will let you know that we didn't find out the sex of either of children until they were yanked out of my girlie parts.  There were boy names and girl names for each of them.  These lists might also convince someone that we are Irish, especially the list of boy names.

5.  Class Lists - These types of lists are given to me every August.  These lists have my name printed on the top in BIG BOLD letters so everyone knows I am the teacher.

6.  Food Lists - The countless lists of food I've eaten, water I've drank and exercise I've done will clearly be a sign that I seem to be forever trying to lose a few pounds.

7.  Divorce Stuff List - This list contained questions for my attorney, my accountant and my pro-bono staff, meaning my brothers.  This list turned into a binder, with sections and included the purchase of a 3-hole-puncher.  This 'binder list' will show that with the help of the people listed above, I left no stone unturned.

8.  House Hunting List - I've made this type of list 3 times.  The most recent time was on my own.  It was an exciting and scary list to make.

9.  Credit Card List - OK calling this a "list" is a stretch but this arrives by mail every month and lets me know where all of my money has gone.  This list shows that I spend too much money at Target.

10. Ipod List - This list will not show a strong preference toward any one type of music.  It is a hodge-podge of music genres.

Bonus:  My Blog List - This list will show that I am already addicted to reading blogs and am in much need of some sort of blog reading management schedule. 

If my list of lists worked then you should now know a little bit about me!    



  1. i have a good number of those lists going, too. the "boys i've kissed" list is the one that's been hovering for a while now, because i think it's too short. oh, well. i'm just happy that the last name on the list should STAY the last name on the list for a while yet!

  2. I am such a list maker too! Our lives are definitely full of lists!

    I tried to respond in email to the comment you left on my blog, but your email must be marked private in your profile. hanks for coming by! Yes, mixed fruity drinks should definitely be added to my summer-must haves!

  3. Lists about lists - good idea! I'm a chaotic list maker, I make'em and lose'em. Arg, so frustrating. I admire your list making abilities.

  4. I wish I was a list maker! I made a list once of all the boys I kissed, too, and I seriously can't remember most of their names now. Sad.

  5. Great blog idea. I'm a list maker too. I have lists on my BlackBerry, on my work paper calendar and my DayPlanner. Somehow just the BlackBerry is never enough. I'm currently working on a list of 100 books you must read to be well-read!

  6. I have made a lot of those same lists, but "boys I kissed" list, I would have never thought to do that.

    Stopping by from 31-DBBB Challenge. Thanks for the visit!

  7. This is fun!! I forget the 'boys I kissed' list but we had those in high school and college! I was never a list person until the past few years. The combo of starting a company and therefore no longer having an assistant that someone else paid to keep me organized and turning 40 at which point I seemed to have immediately lost 50% of my mind, has made me a list convert. OMG-when I got married and my husband and I started living together, I had to confess that QVC at night when I couldn't sleep was my guilty pleasure too!!

  8. GREAT post! Thanks for following and helping me to be one step closer to my goal! I followed you back too :)

    Looking forward to reading!

  9. Love your list and that your $ is spent at Target

  10. Great list of lists. I write a list every night at work of what I'm going to do when I get home but it rarely leaves my bag.

    I'm better with other lists and sometimes I find some from years ago, like a list of stuff for vacation in 2000!

  11. Hi , new here.. enjoyed your 'Second Chances' post..I believe in it too.

    You can't go through life with just regret, you need to learn from them and move forward with another turn at it .. much wiser of course.

  12. I am a big list keeper, as well. I think it helps to keep the chaos that reigns in my head somewhat in check so that it doesn't reign in my life.

    BTW, I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award over on my blog. :-) Love your posts!