Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm A Single Mom

Who uses the term divorcee' anymore?  (I don't even know if I'm spelling it right with that little accent mark?)

I'm pretty sure no one has ever referred to me as such until this past Saturday night when I was at Handsome's football practice. 

I was lightly chatting with a dad and the conversation led to him asking, "Where does your son go to school?"  I replied, " _________ Elementary."  "Oh, so where do you live?", he then asked.  And I know he must think we're neighbors, which means that I have to explain that I live in City X, and their dad lives in City Y. City Y is the kids school district city so no, we are not neighbors, but he might be neighbors with my ex.  Lucky day.  After this explanation (which I find myself giving a lot), Football Practice Dad says, "Oh, you're a divorcee'?" 

What??  Come on.  People don't use that word anymore.  It is soooo1970s and I'm a child of the '70s so I know!  That word applies to someone kind of sultry and a bit hippie-ish.  Neither of those words fit my description at all!  A divorcee' wears flowing, drapey clothes and scarves around her neck or on her head and big earrings and high heels. And, well, I do some of that, but that doesn't make me a divorcee'!    

And if my 1970s' memory is correct, if you're a divorcee', you must also be a feminist, which is totally cool and all, but I like to have doors opened for me and I like when men buy me beer and food.  So that description does not fit me either.

My answer to his question was, "Oh, well, I guess, but I don't refer to myself as a divorcee'.  I'm a single mom."  Then there was a second or two of that 'awkward half smile, OK our conversation is over' kind of thing.   And that was it. 

But I keep thinking about it.  I wonder what my 1970s self would think of me becoming a divorcee'?  Exciting?  Risky?  Inappropriate?  Daring?  Hmmmm...probably all four and then some.

Women like me, we are independent, resilient, strong, flexible and patient.  Yep, that's more like me. 

I'm a single mom......that's soooo 21st century. 


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog. It is so funny how people get stuck in era's and continue using terms like that! I bet he was pleasantly surprised....was he single?

  2. I don't know--divorcee sounds kind of mysterious and naughty.

    Jenny, who is so 21st century that she went to a fertility doc to get pregnant

  3. Yeah divorcee sounds sexy and naughty. :) I love the word "naughty" by the way.