Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The kids and I finally saw fireworks last night.  Handsome was sick for two days so Saturday and Sunday fireworks were not an option.  Thankfully a nearby city saved their display for July 5???  Worked for us! 

We sat on our blanket for an hour and a half watching the interesting parade of folks settle in for the show.  People wear some unfortunate outfits in public.  Seriously, there were A LOT of people who had gone to Walmart before showing up for the fireworks.  Daisy Dukes worn by the opposite of Daisy Duke, fat teenage boy with no shirt, woman wearing something that looked like a shirt in front but a bra in back, man wearing shorts with black knee socks and sneakers, just to name a few. Lots of smokers, too, huffing and puffing with their kids around.  Nasty. 
So the people show was almost as good as the actual fireworks.  For me at least. 

Finally the real show started and the three of us lounged on our blanket, together, gazing up at the always beautiful fireworks.  How often do you lay on a blanket outside with your children?  Not often, so I totally took in the moment.  There we were safe, happy, together.  I realize it won't be long until Lovey wants to go to the fireworks with friends and not her mom.  And Handsome will follow a few years later.  But last night was perfect.  The three of us, side by side, enjoying a very simple pleasure.  And when the finale was over Handsome yelled out "Hallelujah"!  Loved it.  


  1. Hi! Great to find your blog! You write so well. Yes, I am gluten free! I am going to write more on that topic soon. Right now, I am off ALL grains because gluten tends to hide in places like rice and oatmeal. It's really made a difference! Keep in touch!

  2. LOL!! I love your description of all the interesting people at the fireworks show! It's amazing isn't it?? People must honestly think that they look good when they head out for the day!
    I often check with my 10 & 14 yr old daughters - they can be rather... honest. My 8 yr old thinks I look awesome all the time!