Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wiener Talk

Boys and their wieners....  Handsome is like any other boy in many ways including his need to promote his wiener.  Usually around 9 a.m. I'll hear the call, "Attention!"  This means a few things.  One, that he is awake and will be ordering up his morning cup of chocolate milk and two, that he is saluting his attentive wiener.  I don't hear the command every morning, but enough times for me to wonder what I'm supposed to be saying to him about it.

The first time this "happened" he excitedly called me upstairs, "Mom come here!"  I entered his room to find him flat on his back, hands on his hips and well, you know the rest and he yelled out "Attention!".   Oh boy.

First I laughed, I mean it was really funny and totally caught me off guard.  Imagine all the grown up men who do the same thing each morning.  You know they do. 

He's asked a few times "Why is it doing that?"  And I never know what to say. I've tried "Because you have to go to the bathroom" and "That's just something it does after you've been asleep for awhile."  Seriously, I don't know?? 

I even demonstrated for him how to lean in over the toilet when it is 'like that' so he doesn't pee all over the bathroom.  

I'm certain this is not my territory and I've said some pretty stupid things like "OK Buddy, put it away" and "Ignore it and it'll go away."  *Laughing*  Two phrases I remember using when I was married.....minus "buddy" plus "a-hole".   

And lately I've noticed that this situation is coming 'up' at times other than early morning.  A few nights ago, he appeared after removing his baseball uniform which included his sports cup and "Bam!", there it was.  He was so proud.  Interesting how the pride is not taught, it's just instinctual.  

Again, I told him to go to the bathroom and then just sit down and it would go away. Really, I have no idea what I'm supposed to be saying.  I'm totally cool with being up front and open with him about all of this stuff, but he's just 7 years-old, so I'm not sure what I should or shouldn't be saying at this point.

At least I know that since he's still flaunting and parading it in front of his mom and his sister, he's still my little boy, because he doesn't know any better.  So that part, I'm happy about.  Maybe when I stop hearing about it is when I really need to worry.  



  1. Perfectly normal...or at least it was for my now 18 year old and my current 9 year old. And the answers you give are the same ones I used.

    My oldest son even shared with me the first time his garnered the "Attention" salute and it wasn't because of the need to urinate O_O

    We had a long talk about the birds and the bees after that and things have been good every since :)

  2. Ugg.... just one more thing to look forward to with my son! I still think that girls are easier!

  3. Thank you for coming and following my blog! My son doesn't call "Attention" but I did blog about a similiar incident.

    I *love* that we have so much in common! I, too, will follow you!