Monday, July 19, 2010

Second Chances

The first challenge for ProBlogger's 31DBBB is to think about and try to deliver the purpose for your blog.  The number one reason I created my blog was so I could write my Second Chance Moon story. 

It is a simple but meaningful reminder that second chances can be very powerful.  It is a lesson in not letting a bad decision, one lapse in judgement, one oversight or one moment in time take you down and keep you down.

From there I have just been writing about whatever comes to mind, a little about my kids, a little about being a single mom, a little about family and friends.  And I think when I return to school, my teacher life will creep in here also.  And although I've only been at this for just over a month, I feel like I'll be working this blog for a long time!  My purpose is very broad right now.  I know what it is, but it may take some time for it to shine through my blog. 

In my best effort to clarify my purpose for Second Chance Moon, I present two scenarios, both taking place in elevators:

Scenario 1:

I step onto an elevator with a stranger, who randomly poses the question, "Do you believe in second chances?"
I respond, "Second chances?  As in 'do over' or 'take two'?"
"Yes, that's right", says this strange man while pushing the "3" on the elevator number pad.
"Second chances are the reason I write my blog", I say confidently.  "I want to share decisions I make and experiences I have and how I'm finally realizing there is a place for second chances in my life.  So yes, I do believe in second chances."
Ding...the elevator doors open, strange man steps off, never to be seen again.
"OK that was odd", I think to myself.

Scenario 2:

I am stepping onto the elevator of the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to travel it up to the Penthouse Suite for an "A" List party.  I'm being honored as an international blogging success.

Just as the doors are about to close, a single, attractive, rich, humorous gentleman walks on.
"Hot Damn!" screams the voice in my head.

"I blog about first impressions", he says slyly.  "You know you never get a second chance to make a first impression", he adds, inching a bit closer.

"Well, technically, I suppose that's true", I say while trying to act all cool and hard-to-get, "I mean a first impression is a first impression, but what's wrong with attempting to make a second impression?" 
I pause and he's intrigued, no doubt, so I run with it.

"As a divorced mom of 2, I have experienced many changes and challenges but with encouragement, support and determination I am beginning to open myself up to the idea of second chances. People should be encouraged to take second chances, big and small.  If you give something your all but still mess up the first time, what's wrong with admitting it and trying again?  If you don't like where you're at in life you have the ability to change it.  To stay in a situation that you know is not for you, well, for what?"

The elevator is clipping along toward the Penthouse.  My new friend is nodding in agreement.  So I continue my pitch, while thinking to myself, "Wow, this really works.  Thanks ProBlogger!"

"I write my blog because I understand it can be overwhelming to start over, personally or professionally.  Doubt and fear are two very strong obstacles to overcome.  I hope my readers see me as a realistic writer who shares my everyday experiences, many of which include my personal attempts at second chances and the rewards they can bring.   There is power and strength in numbers and I use my writing as a stepping stone, for myself and for others to take second chances."

"Very nice", says my handsome friend, "Would you like to be my date for the party?"

Ding....the doors open up.  My totally awesome date and I step off the elevator and together live happily ever after.

So there are my elevator pitches.  Some silly person said that should have taken 15 minutes to do.  Not so much.  Assignment writing is much harder than 'off the top of my head' writing.  Bring on Day 2! 


  1. Good for you! You make this 31 day challenge seem like a piece of cake. I like assignment writing too. It really gives you an opportunity to be creative!

  2. Love it! Your two scenarios are great. Stopping over from SITS.

  3. I absolutely LOVE how you did your expanded pitch! You created an entire story!!

  4. I love how you did that, put yourself in the scene and rode it out, so to speak. I'm interested in the blog now!

  5. Very creative - a very different take on the assignment. Good job! Good luck with the rest of the challenge. I can't wait to see how it's going to go! Peace. ;)

  6. I agree very creative (you're an artist!)

  7. THAT was wicked awesome. Great pitch!!!

    and I love your blog too...